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“Colour for me is not simply about beauty, but about awakening something pure. Emotion, memory, dreams that have been hidden are given permission to be free.” – Leni Kae, Australian Contemporary Artist

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Colour and Liberation.

“There is a universal bond we carry as human beings – emotion, memory and dream.”

On an emotional level we attach feelings, memories, and cultural meanings to colour as a result of life experience. In this way then, colour associations can feature in the subconscious and carry (or trigger) memory, physiological, emotional and spiritual connotations or responses accordingly.
Some of these associations are universal. For example, we universally associate some colours to sensory experiences – red is associated with heat but also vitality and energy, blood, passion, vigour, sexuality. Colour is more than aesthetics. It is therapy that frees our emotive self. More >

Custom Wall Art

Love the Space You Live

Create the energy of the space you live in. Customise your art for your space and expression. Choose artwork, colour and design that shapes positive thoughts and elevates your mood.

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Let’s Create a Story Together

If you are a writer or published author of children’s books and looking for an illustrator to transform your words to images capable or igniting the imagination or young minds, artist Leni Kae would love to hear from you.
From bold simple images to packed illustrated scenes, Leni Kae’s careful consideration to colour psychology and symbolism helps to excite the imagination, and bring words to life.

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Music and Lyrics.

Lyric Writing 
Just Breathe, by Leni Kae
June 26, 2015 by admin 

Sometimes you have to lose to win You can’t fill a heart that’s already full Sometimes you have...

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Lyric Writing 
Hanging My Hopes, by Leni Kae
June 2, 2015 by admin 

I’ve been hanging my hopes on a star And a wish I made at five – so alive I saw my future then though...

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Lyric Writing 
Autumn Leaves, by Leni Kae
May 14, 2015 by admin 

I hear you breathe beside me, and sigh for life Soft golden leaves grow around me, now I’m alive I wish...

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