Colour Your Life.

“Colour is not simply about beauty, but about awakening something pure. Emotion, memory, dreams that have been hidden are given permission to be free.” – Leni Kae, Contemporary Australian Artist

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Order Personalised Art
June 8, 2016 by admin 

Give the Gift of Creativity If you are looking to order a unique artwork particular for your space,...

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Lethbridge 10 000 Small Art Prize 2016 Finalist, Leni Kae
June 8, 2016 by admin 

“Flight of the Tui” is a watercolour pencil on paper small scale artwork by Sydney based artist Leni...

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Blue Bouquet Horizons, Original Painting $990
February 9, 2016 by admin 

These flowers last a lifetime. “Blue Bouquet Horizons” is an original acrylic and ink painting...

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Colour and Liberation.

“There is a universal bond we carry as human beings – emotion, memory and dream.”

Leni Kae is a contemporary Australian artist and trained colour specialist based in Sydney, Australia. Her art explores some key commonalities of the human condition – our ability to feel, think, remember and dream.
Her designs are infused with colour and border on fantasy and the surreal; extending to the viewer’s sense of feeling and their energy – creating “Energy Art”.
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Portraits: Reflection

When Truth Prevails

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Love Stories
Custom Wall Art

Love the Space You Live

Australian artists Leni Kae can help you create or transform the energy of the space you live in. Customise your art for your space and expression. Choose artwork, colour and design that shapes positive thoughts and elevates your mood.

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Let’s Create a Story Together

If you are a writer or published author of children’s books and looking for an illustrator to transform your words to images capable or igniting the imagination or young minds, Sydney artist and illustrator Leni Kae would love to hear from you.
From bold simple images to packed illustrated scenes, Leni Kae’s careful consideration to colour psychology and symbolism helps to excite the imagination, and bring words to life.

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Let's Make Music Together.

Looking for a lyric writer? Leni Kae is also a lyric writer and can be contacted for enquiries or songwriting collaborations. Get in touch

Lyric Writing 
Home is Where the Soul Is, orginal lyrics by Leni Kae
February 13, 2016 by admin 

A long time ago, I tried to find a way back home And when I did, it opened my eyes to a truth in me In my mind,...

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Lyric Writing 
Come Meet the Moon, Original Lyrics by Leni Kae
December 4, 2015 by admin 

I’ll sing you a lullaby, if you show me your dreams Tomorrow’s another day, today’s...

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Lyric Writing 
Star, Orginal lyrics by Leni Kae
December 3, 2015 by admin 

There’s a star in the sky that always looks just like you Stands out in the dark, and calls out to dreamers...

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