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Lonely Bird, by Leni Kae
April 24, 2014  by Leni Kae 

Should I be just another dream, just another lonely bird? Shouldn’t you be just a piece of me, not another...

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Sydney Art Show 2013, Moore Park
November 27, 2013  by Leni Kae 

Leni Kae participated in a 3 hour LIVE art challenge and showcase at the Sydney Art Show 2013, Moore...

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Blue Rain Carnation
March 8, 2013  by Leni Kae 

There is a beauty sometimes that shines from unexpected sources, a light that we find in something or someone....

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The faceless encounter
July 8, 2012  by Leni Kae 

People sometimes ask me why I often paint faceless figures. To me, it’s not that the figures are faceless,...

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5th Annual Google exhibition
September 8, 2011  by Leni Kae 

As part of The Sydney Fringe Festival, 2011 Hardware Gallery held the 5th annual Google exhibition....

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International Artist residency in Varese
March 8, 2011  by Leni Kae 

I was extremely honoured in May 2011 to be invited by curator Adelinda Allegretti to be part on an International...

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